Changes to 'The Google'

Changes to 'The Google'
May 2015

Google rolled out its new mobile-friendly search algorithm on April 21st. The changes to their algorithm affect how your website is ranked/found when using a mobile device. Currently, you can Google search using a mobile device and the results will display a "mobile-friendly" tag, as long as the site is, well, mobile-friendly.
The whole idea behind this change is driven by the sheer amount of searching now being done on mobile devices. The change in the algorithm provides users with appropriate, quality search results that have been optimized for their mobile devices.
Some of the issues with viewing a non-mobile-friendly site on your device is the site does not conform to the smaller screen size. This makes it very difficult to view the website if the content extends past the viewable area and the text is going to be very small and almost impossible to read. Another problem is Link Spacing. When viewing a website on a mobile device, we most commonly use our finger tips on the touch screen and if the links are too close, it becomes frustrating to be as accurate as when we use a mouse.
A site that has been developed using Responsive Design techniques allows a site to automatically adjust on the fly from large desktop monitors, to small monitors, tablets and smart phones. After making a website responsive, thoughtful placement of links will ensure the user has a positive browsing experience when visiting.
If you are interested in knowing if your website is mobile-friendly or responsive, contact us and we would be happy to let you know.