How Do you Brand the Perfect Perogy?

April 2017

The exact question posed to us by The Vintage Gourmet's owner and head chef, Judi. The Vintage Gourmet's home cooked Ukrainian goodness had expanded from the local farmers' markets to small scale and speciality local food shops and Judi wanted to ensure her visual presence matched her culinary craftmanship. The logo needed to work within existing packaging that had a variety of labelling requirements due to food regulations. Shervin created a logo that reflected the warmth of Judi's home-cooking giving her perogies, cabbage rolls and borsch a presence amongst the other refrigerated items. Branding done right communicates your story, shows potential customers what they can expect from your product - The Vintage Gourmet recognized the importance of brand and Shervin was glad to help out. Whether your company requires a logo refresh or a complete brand overhaul Shervin can help, check us out.