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At Work

Shervin is a boutique graphic design and marketing agency. Founded 26 years ago, Shervin thrives on providing creative solutions for clients throughout North America.


Our creative exists in everything from brand / identity development, product packaging, and print collateral to web development, video and multi-media. This though, is only part of the complete solution we provide to all our clients.


Time and time again, we are told that our processes for getting the job done on-time and on-budget are refreshing and quite rare. This is wonderful to hear, but we are always curious…why wouldn’t a project be delivered on-time and on-budget?


Having thoughtful design creative, coupled with meeting deadlines and keeping the wallet in line, is how we roll. The entire Shervin team knows we are in business with a shared set of goals – listen to what our clients’ creative needs are, design solid marketing materials and ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience working together.

our team

Kevin Western
Chief Imagination Officer

Inspired by: music, art, colour, the sun & people
Secret Talent: performed magic shows for kid's birthday parties
Guilty Pleasure: Elvis movies and ice cream
Words of Wisdom: Do what you love and be grateful
“Office-time” beverage: Starbucks Verona, splash of cream and a lump

Sherrin Western
Director of Insight

Inspired by: my dogs, music and warm sunshine
Secret Talent: I’m an avid scrapbooker and card maker
Guilty Pleasure: Bailey’s in my coffee on the weekend
Words of Wisdom: Sell your strengths and buy your weaknesses
“Office-time” beverage: Starbucks Verona, straight up

Georgina Leung
Visual Expressionist

Inspired by: colours of our cosmos, sounds of nature, dance & music
Secret Talent: participates in amateur dance performances
Guilty Pleasure: anything chocolate and holds a lifetime membership in Canucks nation
Words of Wisdom: In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer!
“Office-time” beverage: green tea

Director of First Licks and Impressions

Inspired by: humans
Secret Talent: actually gives hugs
Guilty Pleasure: hiding on Pica
Words of Wisdom: watch out for Pica
“Office-time” beverage: filtered spring water

Chief Troublemaker

Inspired by: Pixel
Secret Talent: snores louder than most people
Guilty Pleasure: avid TV watcher
Words of Wisdom: don’t leave me alone, or you will regret it
“Office-time” beverage: anything and everything